Colors you can expect to find

Fur colors

Common mink colors

Ranch – farm raised, espresso brown and specially bred. Black and shiny means a

dyed fur. Check the hide, black skin = dyed

Tourmaline – soft, creamy beige also farm raised

Grey Shadow – dark grey centers with light grey sides, farm raised

“Autumn Haze” – natural color in the wild, registered trademarked name for farm


Light or Dark Pastel – natural color in the wild, or farm raised with no trademark

Mahogany- dark red brown, specially bred, farm raised to control color

Lunaraine – dark pastel with a green cast

Glacier White – natural white, farm raised

Jasmine – natural cream color, may also be used to describe oxidation damage

Blue Iris – soft blue grey

Lutetia – dark gunmetal grey

Brown Shadow – cream with a dark streak down the center

Breath of Spring – natural colored patterns

Fox Colors

Polar White – white with a sprinkle of black

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