Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I purchase something I’ve seen on your site?

Yes. If it’s one of our Originals, check on Sew By The Shore on Etsy. If it’s something in our inventory, email us to inquire.

Fitting and return policy for out of San Diego Purchases:

We have used bust sizes instead of dress sizes. They are sized on a mannequin over a long sleeved t-shirt and have the ease for that size bust and clothing weight. If you are going to wear it over a heavy sweater or something of similar weight, we suggest you go up several inches to accommodate the bulk. If you want any other measurements that we have not included, we will be happy to provide them.

The item cost and shipping is paid in full before the item is sent. If you wish to return the item, you have 10 days after you receive it to have it back to us in its original condition. After that time, it belongs to you. Damage or evidence that it has been worn, other that to try it on, will result in it being returned to you, there will be no refund, and you will be charged for the additional shipping. We strongly suggest that you use either FedEx or UPS and insure it for it’s full value and advise us of its return and the tracking number.

Do you buy furs?

No. We may take some furs on consignment. Bring them in for an assessment.

Can you tell me about my fur and what it’s worth?

Yes. We do appraisals, free for a verbal and $50 for a written one, and will tell you what you have and it’s condition.

What does it cost to store my fur?

It’s $50 per garment per year payable when you drop it off.

How much does it cost to clean my jacket / coat? Blanket?

Cleaning jackets /coats runs $45 to $55. Blankets $3/sq.ft.

I inherited my mother’s coat and there are tears in it. Can you fix it?

Probably, if the hides are in good shape. Bring it in for us to look at.

I need the sleeves shortened / lengthened, is that possible?

Yes. We also do hems. Bring it in and we can give you the options for getting it done.

How much does altering or re-styling my coat cost?

The price depends on the fur, the construction, the original style of the coat and what you’d like to have done. Make an appointment to bring it in for an estimate.

Can you change a monogram without re-lining the coat?


 Can you have my mink sheared?


Do you work on furs other than mink?

Yes, we work on all of them.

I have an 80s coat with the big shoulders. Can you change them?


It smells musty / smoky. Can you get rid of the odor?

There is a good possibility. We can tell when we see your coat.

My white coat has turned a funny yellow. Can you bleach it?

The yellow color is oxidation and it can’t be removed.

What can I do with my grandmother’s furs?

We can re-style them or make them into a blanket, pillow, purse, bear or a vest.

What if I don’t have enough fur?

We can provide additional fur for your project.

I brought a zebra hide back from Africa. Can you make it into a rug?


I just bought a fur coat. How should I take care of it?

Store it in a cool dark place while you are using it, and then professionally store it in the off-season. Do not put it in plastic. Use a cloth bag. Do not dry clean. If something gets spilled on it shake it off and use a damp cloth on any thing that remains. Don’t wear it in the rain. Take it off when you drive. Sliding across the seat abrades the fur and can break it off.

I saw a fur in a re-sale shop. How do I tell if it is in good condition?

Look at the shoulders. If there are light orange/yellow areas, it has oxidized and can’t be fixed. If it is a white fur that has turned yellow, also oxidation and cannot be made white again. It should fit you perfectly when you buy it. Major alterations are pricey. Smell it. If it smells of mildew, pass on it. Check the areas around the pockets, elbows, cuffs, and down the front for signs of wear. If the fur is shedding or has bald spots, don’t buy it. The hides are not in good shape.

Where can I buy a quality fur?

Come take a look at our consignment racks. We have hundreds of quality furs of all types and style at reasonable prices and can alter them to fit you.

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