How to be a smart fur owner

Part 1 Storage

Don’t store your fur in a metal storage shed. The fur will dry out causing oxidation and the hide to loose flexibility.

Don’t store your fur folded up in tight or in a small space for more than a week. It will cause permanent wrinkles in the hide making the fur look wavy.

Don’t hang your fur on the inside collar loop. The fur is too heavy for the loop causing it to tear out leaving a hole.

Don’t hang your fur outside in direct sunlight to air out. It causes oxidation and may it may mildew.

Don’t hang your fur in the shower or bathroom. The humidity will cause the fur and lining to mildew.

Don’t put mothballs in the fur bag or pockets. The odor can take months to disappear.

Don’t hang fur over a lamp. The heat will burn the hide and cause it to shrivel and oxidize.

Don’t hang your fur on wire hangers. They will poke through the seams in the shoulder areas.

Don’t store your fur in light colored cloth bags. You will get oxidation on collars and sides. Use dark natural fiber bags.

Don’t put your fur in a bag shorter than your fur. It will cause the fur to wrinkle.

Don’t put your fur in a plastic bag. The off gassing turns the fur yellow.

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