Wearing your fur

Part 2 Wearing your fur

Don’t smoke while wearing your fur. The odor is almost impossible to remove.

Don’t wear your fur in the rain or in a heavy wet snow. The water will go through the fur, the skins and the lining causing to come apart at the seams, shrivel up and mildew.

Don’t wear heavy or theatrical make-up ear the neckline. It will cause permanent discoloration.

Don’t spray perfume while you have your fur on. It will dry out the fur and cause discoloration.

Don’t rest your hands in the pockets. It will cause the pockets to sag and they may rip out.

Don’t drive with your fur on. It puts stress on the underarm seams and can cause them to tear out. Also sliding across the seat rubs the fur off the hides.

Don’t lean on your elbows. It wears the fur off.

Don’t wear a bag with a shoulder strap. It wears the fur off the shoulders.

Don’t wad up your fur. It causes wrinkles.

Don’t sit down with your fur tightly closed. The body heat will cause the skins to stretch out and the back to stretch out causing an unsightly pooch.

Don’t put your fur near a source if heat if you get it wet. The hide will shrivel up like it was burned.

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